Our offices are equipped with modern technology, respecting one of our basic principles: the use of those medical devices that have really proved their usefulness, and their reputation is not only due to strong marketing campaigns.

PRF/PRP Device: Centrifuges and harvesters specific for the production of PRF and PRP taken from the patient’s blood, autologous biological products (harvested and used in the same patient) that further stimulate tissue recovery in oral surgery, whether it is resective (dental extractions) or augmentative (bone additions, gums, implants).

We purchase these products for the accuracy of the treatments, even from the inventor of the method (Joseph Choukroun), with whom Dr. Alexandru Radian and his team have personally trained in the last four years.


Regarding the atypical interventions, we have a list that we are proud of and that we are constantly working on through constant courses and specializations:

  • Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor by lateral approach (open sinus lift) – since 2005;
  • Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor by lower approach (closed sinus lift) – since 2005;
  • Elevation of the nasal floor by anterior approach (nasal floor lift);
  • Lateralization of mandibular nerve;
  • Guided bone additions with titanium-reinforced membranes – since 2004
  • Insertion of one stage or two stage implants with the induction of gingival tissue formation, a method called open healing concept, which we have been practicing since 2004.

Between 2008 and 2010 a series of interventions, including all of the above, were performed by us (the team ”with black gloves”) for patients in the show ”Beauty on the edge of a knife”.