Computer tomograph ORTHOPHOS SL 3D

Orthophos SL is the newest member of a very popular range of 3D radiology devices.

It is equipped with an integrated direct conversion sensor (DCS) that completely redefines the standard of panoramic imaging and gives us the chance to give our patients a unique clarity. Even in difficult cases we get clear images because Sharp Layer Technology offers autofocus panoramic images.

Orthophos SL guarantees maximum ease of use, positions itself automatically, works intuitively with EasyPad and offers individually adjustable ambient light. The 2D and 3D activity is perfectly prepared for a wide variety of treatment situations.


  • Stunning images thanks to the unique DCS sensor
  • Comprehensive panoramic and cephalometric programs for sinus images and occlusal images
  • The security of clear images on different levels, through Sharp Layer Technology
  • Secure patient positioning with motorized support for temples and forehead
  • 3D radiological images according to the patient’s needs, with the same X-ray capacity emitted for 2D images and HD images with a resolution of up to 80 μm
  • Optimal reproducibility images, with stability provided by automatic positioning for occlusal bites and the intuitive EasyPad
  • Patient-friendly atmosphere with ambient light available in over 30 colors
  • Clarity for fine details
  • Cephalometry programs that cover all orthodontic needs
  • We can obtain symmetrical lateral, postero-anterior and antero-posterior exposures. In cases of malposition, the patient benefits from the advantage of 3D radiological images, to determine the exact position of the respective teeth.
  • The Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) has redefined the panoramic imaging standard. X-rays are converted directly into electrical signals, and unlike conventional systems, there is no signal loss due to light conversion. That is, we get an improved image for our patients, with a uniquely high level of clarity – even at an extremely low dose of X-rays.

HEliodent Plus Intraoral Apparatus

The Heliodent Plus intraoral radiology device is the basis of the imaging diagnostic activity in an advanced dental office. Heliodent Plus presents the best image quality, simple use and reliability, along with a perfect integration in the technological chain of our clinic.

Heliodent Plus has a number of features that perfectly adapt to the needs of our clinic:

  • Smart and stable setup for the best image quality, even for long, steady use
  • Flexible use, perfectly adapted to the patient’s needs
  • Predictable, consistent and error-free results
  • Reduced amount of radiation, for the protection of the patient and the medical staff

Digital system for intraoral radiographs – Xios Scan

Sirona’s Xios Scan is the perfect solution for dental radiographs, using methods already validated over time – a very important aspect in our clinics. It makes an ideal tandem with the Heliodent Plus intraoral radiology device and allows us to quickly obtain relevant results in the investigations of our patients, without losing the quality of the process of digitizing radiographs.

Among the most important features of Xios Scan are:

  • exceptional image quality for accurate diagnosis
  • constant scanning process from a qualitative point of view, in order to maintain a high standard
  • intelligent software integration, through the Sidexis 4 program, which allows the automation of the scanning process, and thus we eliminate from the process the errors of human source
  • design verified over time, for optimal use even in the dental office
  • the working chain with a perfect observance of the hygiene conditions, which totally eliminates the risks of contamination and ensures the best conditions for the patient