We are a team of doctors with the same values as our patients..

How do we define professionalism and competence? Simply. We translate them into deeds. Building long-term relationships with our patients, specializing in the most reputable international courses and finding the perfect balance between the most innovative techniques and materials, but using only those who pass the critical test of time, beyond the “wow” moment created around their launch.


It is natural in a medical discipline that is evolving at such a rapid pace as dentistry. But how do we choose the training courses we take, from the multitude of options available on the market?

“When I decided that I had to learn from the best in the world, I chose to learn from those who had the same goal as me: to provide patients with predictable long-term treatments, in the best interest of the patient. This is actually the mentality of Dental Implant: among the most reputable courses in the world, we choose for our doctors only those who are guided by a medical interest superior to the interest of promoting a certain brand of medical materials or equipment. We choose to be guided by those who have dedicated their lives and work to treating patients with an interest in long-term outcomes for the patient. We refuse to be influenced by speakers trained and financially motivated by medical companies to promote “wow” products, products that are marketed without sufficient testing and that inexperienced doctors are persuaded to use as a result of specific aggressive marketing tactics (lower purchase prices, intense media promotion).” says Alexandru Radian, the director and founder of the clinic.


We are fortunate that our patients understand by “optimal healing time” and “duration of completion of a work” what we exactly understand: not works completed three days faster, but works with a predictable behavior, which are properly maintained and last without problems for up to 10-15 years. It is a topic that we approach very often with patients, in the long discussions that prepare the beginning of a treatment. We weigh together and weigh very carefully on the one hand the possible completion of the treatment as early as possible, and on the other hand the possibility that that treatment shall be 10-15 years longer..

Alexandru Radian: “I admit that I have always done my best to tip the scales towards a long-lived work and not towards the compromise of a faster completion. I don’t think that in 4-5 years I could look the patient in the eye, honestly telling him/her that it was a good choice to have the work faster by 6 months, but because of this it lasts less by 10 years. I am constantly trying to offer patients quality dental treatments, even if the market now seems to be geared towards quick treatments. We refuse to be part of the current “fast dentistry”. We treat our patients with slow dentistry treatments, with the emphasis always on quality.




We never look at a patient in terms of the size of the problem he comes to us in the clinic – and, implicitly, not in terms of the costs he/she will pay. We are here to assess both the medical problem and personal needs and based on these data to develop the right treatment plan, which we always discuss in detail with the patient. It is the only way to strengthen the collaboration within the patient-doctor team, so that everyone perfectly fulfills their role during the treatments – but also after their completion, in the stage of maintaining results, year after year – a stage as important as the treatment itself. And at this stage, the main role belongs to the patient.

We are very pleased to see our patients again at regular check-ups and to have the opportunity to keep in good condition the work done months or years ago. This is the reason why we contact our patients at certain intervals after finishing the treatments and we invite them for examination, sanitizations. On this occasion we have the chance to maintain or even improve the functionality of the works.

Our mission to patients comes with a firm promise to those who return to the office with holiness to maintain the work: we have the determination and resources to help them keep their dental work in the best condition, in the oral cavity, for life. Of course, any adjustments and replacements may be necessary on a case-by-case basis – but our promise remains valid. They will never run out of work. We will always find a way to maintain or replace them.

Each treatment is personalized in the smallest detail and is always transparent in the doctor-patient team. And this is true for any job: from complex surgery to implants and descaling, to canal treatments. This is the only way we have managed to have lasting results and equally lasting relationships, based on mutual respect.

Apparently, a simple caries may seem like a minor problem. But I have learned over time that for some patients that simple caries may be the most important treatment they have to do. That is why our seriousness will always be up to par.

It is a pleasure to see our patients again, even years and years after completing a treatment. Every time we meet by chance, we greet each other with a smile on our face and exchange news – although we see each other at least every six months at the office, for regular checks and inspections. Simply, the relationships we create with patients automatically end up being long-term relationships, full of trust and respect.

Iulia Vantur:
“In the job I do, a smile is essential”

Laura Cosoi:
“I’ve been working with Dental Implant for about 10 years! They changed my life!”