In the following, you will find a list of informational fees. Of course, they may change depending on the medical situation and the needs of each patient.

However, it is important for you to know that any consultation will be followed primarily by a treatment plan and, implicitly, by an estimated estimate. Both will be at your disposal to evaluate them in peace and make a carefully weighed decision.

At the same time, we want you to discuss any questions related to the treatment plan or estimate with the doctor who will treat you, but also with the rest of the team. We are convinced that a good collaboration will be born in this team around the patient only through an excellent communication.

We very much hope that when we set out on this journey together, the reasons why we have made certain decisions regarding the method of treatment will be understood by you, our patients.


200 lei
Study model (2 pcs.)
200 lei
50 lei/element


Digital format panoramic dental radiography – for clinic patients
75 lei
Digital format retroalveolar radiography – for clinic patients
30 lei


Ultrasonic scalers + AIR FLOW + professional brushes
350 lei
Professional bleaching treatment (with splints)
250 euro*
Professional whitening treatment in the office
350 euro*
Professional whitening treatment (zoom / Brite Smile)
2500 lei
250 lei/tooth
150 lei/arch
Wax – up / Mock – up
150 lei/tooth


Coronary physiognomic filling
150-450 lei/tooth
Basic glasionomer filling
50 lei/tooth


Mono-radicular tooth removal + canal treatment
400 lei
Biradicular tooth removal + root canal treatment
500 lei
Pluri-radicular tooth removal + root canal treatment
700 lei
Treatment of mono-radicular tooth necrosis
800 lei
Treatment of biradicular tooth necrosis
800 lei
Treatment of necrosis for pluri-radicular tooth
800 lei
Retreatment for mono-radicular tooth
500 lei
Retraction for biradicular tooth
700 lei
Retreatment for pluri-radicular tooth
900 lei
Abutment restoration
350 lei
Fiberglass pivot (1 pivot)
150 lei
Tooth with difficult access
250 lei
Exploratory access
300 lei
Accessory pivot
100 lei
RCR removal
350 lei
Dentatus / fiberglass removal
250 lei
Removal of broken needles
400 lei/tooth
Application of MTA
300 lei /tooth
Emergency treatment
250 lei /tooth
Channel treatment examination
(does not include reprocessing)
200 lei/tooth


200 lei
Hygiene protocol
300-550 lei
Surface (closed field)
150 lei/tooth
Flap operation (open field)
300 lei/tooth
300 lei/tooth
200 lei/tooth


Alpha Bio titanium endoscopic implant (Nobel BioCare)
550 euro*
Zimmer titanium endosal implant
800 euro*
Anesthesia assisted by an ATI specialist
150 euro/ora
Internal Sinus Lifting (labor, does not include Bio Materials)
250 euro / implant
External Sinus Lifting Small
800 euro*
Lifting External sinus Medium
1000 euro*
Large external sinus lift
1200 euro*
Discovery of subgingival implant
350 lei
Vestibular sac deepening (ARFV)
250 lei/tooth/implant
Osteosynthesis screws
350 lei/piece
300 lei/implant
Palatal graft
1200-1500 lei


Specialized consultation
200 lei
Deciduous tooth extraction (milk)
200 lei
Mono-radicular tooth extraction
300 lei
Pluri-radicular tooth extraction
400 lei
Extraction of mental molar included / semi-included
400-800 lei
Extraction of root residues / tooth
300 lei
Tumor removal
500-1000 lei
Apical resection
500-800 lei
Incision and drainage of dangerous abscess
300 lei
Postextractional alveolitis treatment
200 lei
Canine discovery and anchoring included
700-1000 lei
Osteosynthesis screws
350 lei
1 Reinforced membrane Titan
700 euro*
1 Bio Gide Membrane
500 euro*
1 Biomend extended membrane
500 euro*
1 Cola Tape Membrane / Cola Plug
50 euro*
1 Gram of Bone, bone addition
400 euro*
Implant ablation
500-1500 lei
PRF 1-3 Epubrete
500-1200 lei


Metal-ceramic crown
300 euro*/element
Integral ceramic crown E-Max tooth
500 euro*/element
Porcelain crown on zirconium support
500 euro*/element
Temporary acrylate crown
70 euro*/element
Temporary cast crown
100 euro*/element
Temporary crown made in the cabinet
25 euro*/element
Metal-ceramic crown (temporary)
100 euro*/element
Ceramic veneers
500 euro*/element
Ceramic inlay
500 euro* /element
Integral Ceramic crown made by computerized milling (CAD CAM) – Natural tooth / implant
550 euro
Integral Zirconium crown made by computer milling (CAD CAM) – Natural tooth / implant
550 euro
Crown ablation
20 euro/item
Cast pivot (RCR) Chrome
70 euro/element
Cast pivot (RCR) Zirconium
200 euro/element
Bont prosthetic titanium: Alpha Bio
80 euro**/implant
170 euro**/implant
Bont prosthetic zirconium: Alpha Bio
200 euro**/implant
300 euro**/implant
Bont Hybrid: Alpha Bio
300 euro**/implant
400 euro**/implant
Locator / ball attachment: Alpha Bio
150 euro**/implant
300 euro**/implant
TCT Alpha Bio
150 euro**/implant
TCT Zimmer
250 euro**/implant
Overprosthesis on implants with special systems
2000 euro**/arch


Partial / total acrylic prosthesis
400 euro/arch
Skeletal prosthesis
starting with 600 euro/arch
Laboratory prosthesis lining
50 euro/arch


Specialized examination
200 lei
Control for Metal Device / Sapphire
150 lei/arch
Control for Metal Device / Sapphire
200 lei/2 arches
Control for Lingual device
200 lei/arch
Fixed metal orthodontic appliance
2600 lei/arch
Fixed orthodontic device sapphire
3600 lei/arch
Lingual orthodontic appliance – Incognito
12000 lei/arch
Mobile orthodontic appliance
1500 lei/arch
Metal device Fixed self-ligating
2700 lei/arch
Damon clear orthodontic appliance
4500 lei/arch
Damon metal orthodontic appliance
4000 lei/arch
Orthodontic arch replacement
100 lei/arch
Brunch for bruxism
300 lei/arch
Containment gutter
300 lei/arch
Protective splint for sports
400 lei/arch
Mamce device
450 lei
450 lei
Circuit breaker
1800 lei
Arch change
100 lei
Orthodontic implant
1000 lei
Delaire mask
500 lei/arch
300 lei/arch
Fixed device removal
200 lei/arch
Fingerprints for study model
200 lei

*Prices in Euro are paid at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment.