When I decided that I had to learn from the best in the world, I chose those who had the same goal as me, namely to offer patients predictable long-term treatments in the best interest of the patient..

This way of seeing things has naturally become the mentality of Dental Implant. From the most reputable courses in the world, we choose for our doctors only those that are guided by a medical interest superior to the interest of promoting a certain brand of medical materials or equipment. We choose to be guided by those who have dedicated their lives and work to treating patients with an interest in long-term outcomes for the patient.

I refuse to be influenced by speakers trained and financially motivated by medical companies to promote “wow” products, products that are marketed without sufficient testing and that inexperienced doctors are persuaded to use as a result of specific aggressive marketing tactics (lower purchase prices, intense media promotion).

What you will find in all Dental Implant clinics is a balance always consciously inclined towards a long-lived work – and not towards the compromise of a faster completion. I don’t think that in 4-5 years I could look the patient in the eye, honestly telling him/her that it was a good choice to have the work faster by 6 months, but because of this, he/she will last less by 10 years.

It is important to know from the beginning that in Dental Implant clinics, when you arrive as a patient, it usually happens because an acquaintance recommended you to come here, being satisfied with the treatment and care, even after many years.


This is because, from the very beginning, we have focused our attention on quality dental treatments, even if the market now seems oriented towards fast treatments. We treat our patients in the spirit of “slow dentistry”, with the emphasis always on quality.

Last but not least, I am proud to note that we have established friendly relationships with our patients, as a natural result of the things we believe in and practice with holiness. When you spend a lot of time with a patient trying to understand his/her clinical picture, you get to really know him/her. We like to know that if we see patients in a cafe, by chance, six months after a treatment, we greet each other with a smile on our face and talk about at least the price of some news.

And because the best advertisement is your own experience, we are waiting for you to visit. This is how you will really get to know us and we will have the opportunity not only to bring your smile back to your lips – but to keep it there for a long time!

Best regards,

Dr. Alexandru Radian