We do not want to present ourselves to you with titles that do not exist in the Romanian or European medical legislation, although we see that it is a very common way on so many sites in the field of dentistry.

There is no specialization in Dental Aesthetics, Implantology, Digital Dentistry according to Romanian, European or American medical legislation.

Dental aesthetics, implantology or digital dentistry do not exist as specializations, according to Romanian, European or American medical legislation. And although it is a presentation that our guild often approaches, we want to delimit ourselves from it.

Dental aesthetics includes a wide range of treatments dedicated to optimizing the appearance, functionality and health of teeth. We apply these treatments in case of defects or anomalies of shape, size, color, dental trauma, abrasive teeth, incorrectly aligned teeth on the arch, dental caries, gingival contour with unsightly appearance, etc.

The most frequently used treatments in dental aesthetics are:

Dental veneers (Veneers) are direct restorations often used to improve the appearance of teeth.

They are made of special ceramics, have the ability to provide a natural look, translucency and brightness and contribute to obtaining an excellent aesthetic performance. An important advantage is the fact that the preparation of veneer teeth is minimally invasive or not at all (no prep), resulting in the preservation of the tooth substance. The indications of the facets are multiple, starting with anomalies of color, shape, space, cracks, traumas, etc.



Teeth whitening or bleaching is achieved by the action of active oxygen on dental structures. It is a safe, non-invasive method with no long-term side effects. It is a procedure that can only be performed under the supervision of a dentist.

For whitening ”in the office”, in a single session we also use the Bright Smile or Zoom lamp (Philips).


For the home whitening option, individualized splints are used, made in the dental technique laboratory. With their help, the whitening gel is applied only to the teeth, without damaging the soft tissues.

Periodontal cosmetic procedures involve interventions on the gingival tissue and/or supporting bone tissue: gingivectomy, gingivoalveoloplasty, gingival grafts. They are performed under local anesthesia and have the role of improving both the appearance and health of the gums.

Inlays are indirect prosthetic restorations made of ceramic in the dental laboratory and are the most accurate and long-lasting option for restoring teeth with extensive carious lesions.

It is important to know some principles that we apply in Dental Implant offices, regardless of the prosthetic treatment:

– during a treatment, in order to ensure both the patient’s physiognomy and the functionality of the dento-maxillary apparatus, we will perform temporary works in the office;

– to eliminate pain and operating stress, treatments are performed using loco-regional anesthesia techniques;

– in the case of teeth with endodontic treatment (nerve removal and canal closure) the prosthetic crown is recommended to improve the physiognomy but especially to increase the strength and longevity of the tooth.