Therapy is that branch of dentistry that aims to restore the morphology and functionality of teeth affected by carious and non-carious processes. In our office, dental therapy is performed under local anesthesia to eliminate pain and operating stress. The materials we use have a double function: restoring the tooth both from a physiognomic point of view, giving it a natural look, but also ensuring the functionality in mastication.

An important matter in therapy is that any caries delayed or undetected in time, will evolve rapidly and will automatically generate complications. This implicitly means that it will need more complicated subsequent operations or even lead to the loss of that tooth.

Dental therapy includes several types of work:

Direct restorations (performed right in the office, in a single session), usually in the form of physiognomic fillings (fillings). The materials used are either composite resins, which allow the faithful reproduction of dental structures and adhere to the healthy structure of the tooth to provide support and strength, improving their appearance, or glass ionomer cement – which are beneficial in pediatric therapy. Due to the prolonged release of the flower and the convenience of application, the latter are ideal in the restoration of temporary teeth, given the lower compliance of small patients, as well as their increased carious activity.